October 2nd

Hey Gangeh,

Alohalani and I arrived safely this morning in Rome after a grueling but uneventful 36 hour plane ride. We were’nt tired when we arrived at our B&B so instead we went walking and walked to the Tiber river and many of the other sites. Please check out the latest photos on the first day in Rome. Lunch today was real pizza. It didn’t taste anything like what they have back home. It was a smooth cheese pizza that had a lovely tomato sauce that wasn’t “garlicy” or full of oregano. ‘Ono loa.
The buildings are ancient but have character. The churches here are gorgeous and the statues, sculptures and art seem alive. We saw Bernini’s fountains and walked on cobblestones that were older than formation of the American government.
We walked all over the central area. Had some really excellent Tokkai wine and real foccascia. The food is great, our room is gorgeous and we bought vegetables from the market. We also went to the butcher’s shop for prosciutto that had various aged meats and the best mozzarella cheese I’ve ever eaten. The birra wasn’t that great, but every wine I’ve had has been ‘ono loa. The people are courteous and kind. Everything is old and functioning in Italy. What a great way to start the vacation.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Kalei Nu’uhiwa
(c) 2009 Kalei Tsuha