Our Day at the Vatican

Howzit Gangeh! Hope all is well in Hawai’i. I hear that Lono has entered into our Hawaiian scene with flashing skies and deep rolling celestial drum rolls announcing his entrance, as expected for this time, ea? First, I must apologize for this posting as there won’t be as many accompanying photos with today’s story as with previous postings. I took so many photos (1,093), my camera is still downloading them. I will try and get some up immediately after the downloading and the battery recharge.

We donned our head panties and helmets and off we went on the motorino again. Nice way to get the blood pumping in the morning. We tried to find a shoe store we saw the day previously but couldn’t. We took care of morning business by checking out another open market area. This one had fresh cut flowers, ocean creatures, wine, vinegar, olive oil, cheeses, meats, olives, vegetables, fruit, the latest pottery and even vegetable cutters. Bought some olives and cut pottery than off again to the Vatican.
Today was all about the Vatican City. I learned that Vatican City is a whole country all onto itself. It is the smallest country in the world measuring approximately 17 miles. It’s surrounded by a wall that I’m sure in its hay day would’ve been impenetrable. The walls are built so that a huge army would have to be pretty innovative to climb them. It’s built at a steep slant on the bottom and than topped off with a sheer 75 foot fortification. Kind of made me wonder why.
I’m unsure as to how much I should write about my personal feelings regarding the Vatican as I’m sure others feel overwhelmed with some sort of spirituality. The place was constructed to make you feel small and insignificant. You definitely feel the political power and might the forefathers of this place created and, may I boldly state, still orchestrate. Tombs of dead Popes and rich benefactors were ominous. I saw two nuns praying solemnly on their knees before the tomb of Pope John Paul the II. For me, I can appreciate and understand everyones desire for sanctity. I saw the famous La Pietra sculpture and mailed postcards to my family members from the Vatican post office. It’ll probably arrive in Hawai’i in two months.
They’re getting ready for the canonization too. Chairs and stages have been set up. They’re expecting over 100,000 people for the event. A total of 5 individuals, including Father Damien, will be canonized. I think that’s all I will say about that and the Vatican.
The Sistine Chapel was manaful. The sculptures, marble, paintings, tapestries and maps were phenomenal. Marble shaped to look like soft folding cascading robes were exquisite. Gold, ochre and cobalt paintings were painstakingly painted to give the murals a three dimensional effect. You cannot tell sometimes if the art you are looking at is an actual sculpture or painting. Raphael & Michelangelo’s paintings and sculptures were breathtaking. I found more spirituality there within those painted halls and ceilings than in other areas. We left tired and drained and returned home to recover. We drank two glasses campari soda (tastes like gasoline and grapefruit) to ease our tired bones. Over all a day that I will reflect and ponder over as time goes on.
Ciao Gangeh!
Kalei Nu’uhiwa
(c) 2009 Kalei Tsuha

2 thoughts on “Our Day at the Vatican”

  1. I love the art, these precious works are what I hope to see in person someday! God willing! I love your stories, glad I finally had a chance to sit down and check out your blog. I love how you take us with you! Love & Peace to you and yours…

  2. Aloha Kim,

    Sorry I missed your departure. Just got back from Manila and your unfinished Hawaiian quilt is in the making as we speak! Edna will contact me as soon as it’s finished and I will schedule a flight back to Manila for the pick up…can’t wait to see the finished product! I hope you have a wonderful and exciting journey, I wish you the best and be safe. Love you…aunty

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