Bocca della Verita

Today was another adventure with the motorino. Check these photos out. I seemed to understand the motorino rules better now. You’re allowed to weave in and out of the traffic and even get away with driving on the wrong side of the road, which these photos will show. It seems that there is a hierarchy with traffic movement. First are the pedestrians, then the bikes, then the motorinos, then the motorcycles, and then any motor vehicle with doors. Buses are the last on the list and taxi drivers behave with motorino rules. If there is space for you to move in you are allowed to go there and don’t be surprised if five others follow you. In Hawai’i, we’d definitely punch a few guys in the throat if someone behaved thusly…. Eh there’s another word I never thought I’d write in a sentence too.

Ok. We first went to the Bocca della Verita which is a marbled flatten disk that was once a fountain. It is rumored to be the mouth of truth and if one sticks their hand into the mouth and answers a question with a lie, the mouth will bite your arm off. The church that houses this marvel is the church of St. Valentine. People flock by the hundreds to stand in line and take their turn with sticking their hand in the mouth. The church puts a collection box out front. When you’re done you are ushered through the church and then out another door. We pass Palatine hill and then head toward the Piazza del Popolo. That’s Pope-a-low. I made the mistake of calling it popolo like well… popolo. But it isn’t.
We have lunch at Ana’s. I try some lemon sauced veal, grilled vegetables, grilled squid cabbage(radicchio) stuffed with prosciutto and for dessert, mozzarella bufalo and prosciutto.
We just got back tonight from walking around the Center in the evening. Like a woman who dresses up in the evening with cocktail dress, fancy shoes and make up, so too do the streets and land features in Roma. Everything changes its appearance. So we went to some of the fountains, the pantheon and other landmarks to see the change with our own eyes. The cab driver who takes us back to our B&B didn’t know much about the world beyond Rome, but knew intimate stories about his homeland. According to Alohalani, his description of the historical evening decorations of the Basilica was very sweet and picturesque.
Well…. That’s all I have to report for this evening. I’m going to bed as we will be catching a train to meet Kim at the airport.
Ciao kakou!
Kalei Nu’uhiwa
(c) 2009