Lono has arrived

Good morning Gang. It’s 8:35am and I’m up sipping a cappuccino. I’ve been up for about three hours listening to the thunder and the heavy patter of rain on the cobblestone streets. The thunder here sounds different. The storm is happening way high up in the sky. It sounds like a sheet of metal being wobbled around as if the golden wings of Roman gods are fluttering viciously about. So, it has a metallic sound to it. Our thunder sounds like Kane and Lono themselves are picking up huge boulders and rolling them from one side of the heavens to the next as if they’re playing ‘ulumaika upon their celestial field.

The lightning is different too. Purple greenish flashes streak in cobweb patterns, flashing against a charcoal yellow tinged sky. The air has changed too. It went from a hot sultry summer evening into a crisp cool fall day literally overnight. The rain has different patterns here too. It falls at an angle to the left and then switches to the right. When it hits the ground, water fills into the spaces between the cobble stones creating glistening diamond shapes which quickly turn into a flowing torrential stream. The storm has washed the streets of all the debris left by the current Roman civilization. Even the smells have changed. You know how rain smells when it falls on asphalt differs from the way it smells in a rain forest or at the beach or on freshly cut grass? That’s what happened here. So now Rome doesn’t smell like motorinos, petrol powered smart cars, cigarettes and laundry soap (from the laundry mat on the corner). It now smells like crisp air, fragrant leaves and wet stone walls. I tried to take pictures this morning of the storm, but don’t know how to take no light photos of rain against a dark morning sky. Than I decide that it’s probably better for me to just enjoy the moment than to try and capture it through the lens. And, probably better for you, my hoa heluhelu, to have to conjure up the images yourself through these words.
Ok Gangeh. The rain has changed our plans for today. I think it’ll be a day of museums…..
Will let you know on the next ha’i mo’olelo ‘ana…… Ciao Gangeh!
Kalei Nu’uhiwa
(c) 2009 Kalei Tsuha