Thunder and Lightning

I have been sitting on my bed for the last twenty minutes staring out the window, but not really seeing anything. I’ve only just realized that I was deeply entranced with the many different sounds of Rome coming from outside our window. We woke up this morning to lightening and thunder. When I opened up the wooden shutters just before dawn, the rain did not seem to be falling, but being flung with force from the heavens – ua loku.  I’ve always loved storms. No motorino rides today. I sent my son to school in a taxi.

Because of the rain, I suggested that we visit museums today. There several lovely museums within Villa Borghese. There is the Museo and Galleria Borghese, the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, and the Museo Nazionale Etrusco.  The Modern Art Museum has an amazing work of art by Antonio Canova of Hercules and Lica. When my children were 3 and 6, I took them to see an exposition of Picasso. I sat them down in front of several works by Picasso and asked them to tell me which colors they saw and if they noticed anything in particular about his works. My daughter noticed the odd placement of the eyes and other facial features. This museum is still my son’s favorite. Also within Villa Borghese is an amphitheater (Piazza di Sienna) which as an annual international horse show. Villa Borghese was once the private estate of the Borghese family and was obtained by the city of Rome from them in 1903. It is 148 acres. The area began as a vineyard in the 16th century. There is an artificial lake with a small island on which a Ionic temple dedicated to Aesculapius, the God of healing was built.

The rain has cleared up and the sky is a beautiful pale blue. I promise to post pictures from our rainy-day walk in a few hours.

Congratulations to my niece Malia who is getting married in the morning. During the ceremony, Malia will be holding a white rosary that my son picked out for her last March. I love you, Malia!

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  1. As always I thank you for taking me along in spirit! I can visualize well, what you describe and am grateful for the details of your trip. I learn much..even as I sit here reading of your marvelous adventure. Love to you and yours.
    Love & Peace, Patricia

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