Travel day – Rome to Naples

Chapel in SperlongaSperlonga seasideMonday, October 12, 2009.

An eventful day.  We awoke, had late breakfast, picked up a car, parked the moto and prayed for it to be there when we return, and spent an hour getting on the autostrade (freeway).

A detour to the charming medieval, hillside town of Sperlonga then enabled us to stay on the seaside road.  Felt like we veered off the I-5 in favor of the Pacific Coast Highway. 

Leaving Sperlonga, we drove through Gaeta, an industrial seaport town with a navy ship in port.  In Rome, most windows were shuttered; in Gaeta, apartments all seem to have mini garage doors over their windows.

Back to the Autostrade…and a trip to Magic World, which I’ll leave to the others to tell..


Napoli…what a metropolis!  Everyone warned us to take off our jewelry, don’t leave things in our car, and hang on to our purses.  I like being better informed, but I don’t appreciate the paranoia that results.

Anyway, we caught the last ferry to Capri…

Loading ferry to CapriFrom aboard the Capri ferry, but still in port in Napoli




By the way, I ordered a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, just because we were in Naples.  As expected, three colors, but pink was not among them:  white vanilla, brown chocolate and…yellow hazelnut.  Num!  Why do we have strawberry back home?


Kim Ku`ulei Birnie  (c)