Thunderous welcome to Greece

Aloha e na hoaheluhelu…I have been in Greece for nearly a week with only sporadic internet access.  I am finally in a hotel with wi-fi…in the lobby.  I’ve been taking notes, so am going back to my arrival.

Glad to see the posts from and about Italy.  Napoli was a TRIP!  And we survived…


Thunderous Welcome – 16 October

 Zeus, ruler of Olympus and god of the sky, has offered a thunderous welcome.  Indeed, a roaring sky, lightning and a heavy downpour preventing me from strolling to see nearby sites such as the Acropolis that is so close, yet I have only glimpsed it upon my midnight arrival  to Athens. 

Acropolis at nightAcropolis the next morning, thunder & rain






So I packed and headed down to the pier in the rain.  Athens is Gotham City, a huge metropolis.  Every hill packed with houses and other structures. 

I have never seen so many businesses related to home décor and improvements:  kitchen and bath fixtures, lighting, modern furniture, rugs, lamps, tiles, granite counters, baby furniture, paint, art work, home appliances, more furniture, an Ikea store!  I should like to see the inside of peoples’ homes to see all these exquisite Greek décor.

Poseidon is my patron now and the Aquamarine is my residence for the next 3 days.  It’s a huge ship with passengers from France, Serbia, Philippines, Croatia, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia, Argentina, England, China, Italy and the U.S.  Several are religious groups, including a tour group that’s actually called Pilgrim Tours, visiting sacred Christian sites.  The crew says ¡Hola! to me regularly; I think they think I’m a part of the large group from Spain.  We did the lifeboat drill in the rain.

Peiraeus harborCabin M-116Aquamarine





If I’m not home on time, check for me on Lifeboat #6.


Kim Ku`ulei Birnie  (c)

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