My Big Fat Greek Itinerary

Aloha mai kakou…I am winding down my days in Greece.  I have always been a good postcard writer.  I send short notes during even the shortest trips.  I don’t know if this has diminished because I’m become lazy or because of e-mail.  When my daughter and I backpacked through Europe in 1992, we sent postcards faithfully, especially to family.  My Grandma Birnie posted a map to her wall and with the arrival of each postcard, she put a colored pin in the map, following our route.  Sometimes the postcards crossed in the mail, but each was dated, so she was able to keep track.

With this trip, we thought it would be fun to blog.  I’m not quite a week behind the journalling, still ahead of any postcards that might have been sent, yet I feel terrible about not being quite current.  That’s the fallout of a Facebook-o-file.

Here’s the rundown:

  • 15 OCT          Arrive Athens
  • 16-19 OCT   CRUISE:  Mykonos-Rhodes-Patmos-Ephesus
  • 19 OCT          Athens
  • 20-23 OCT   BUS:  Corinth-Epidaurus-Mycenae-Olympia-Peleponnese-Delphi-Meteora-Athens
  • 24-26 OCT   Santorini
  • 26-27 OCT   Fly or ferry to Roma

At the conclusion of our 4-day trip to Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, etc., I sat on the bus, highlighter in hand, and compared maps with all the other grandmothers so that we’d have accurate maps to show anyone who shows a glimmer of interest when we return to our respective homes.

On Day 1, we traveled 412 kilometers, 273 on Day 2, 340 on Day 3 and 456 on Day 4.  The total driving time is close to 1350 kilometers or, I’m told, 900+ miles.  However, the walktime is considerably less at–can it be–barely over two miles.

But it can’t beat the feeling of joy and appreciation upon arriving home, being invited to dinner at your grandmother’s, and finding her map of your trip on her wall.

Kim Ku’ulei Birnie     (c)