Patmos & Ephesus

 Aloha e na hoa heluhelu…I am actually sitting in a semi-decent hotel in a seedy area in Piraeus near the seaport.  Tomorrow morning I leave early to catch a ferry, so instead of staying in Athens proper, I have saved myself the morning time and come here tonight.  Wish I could’ve caught a ferry tonight!

Meanwhile, before I fall too far behind in the blogging…


PATMOS – 18 October

Were it for not for a chance wait-in-line at DaVinci Aeroporto with a nun from Waialua, I would not know the significance of Patmos

Apparently John the Theologian, not to be confused with John the Baptist, was exiled to Patmos in 95 A.D. when he fell in disfavor with some Turkish ruler. Although this ruler was assassinated 14 months later, the time spent was all John needed to earn him sainthood.  While living in a cave and sleeping on rock ledges, John heard the thunderous voice of God.  He dictated while a scribe wrote it all down and today it’s called the Book of Revelations. 

I still would not do well with a Jeopardy column on Book of Revelations, but I was impressed by the grotto and the reverence demonstrated there.

Our visit was on a Sunday morning and all the locals are in their Sunday finery.  Still, businesses open early for us and we visit sacred places on the holy day, though remonstrated to be a little quieter while services take place.  Later, I learn that tourism is the #1 industry in Greece, and it makes more sense.  Not that I think visitors should trump local practices, but I now comprehend why the locals accept what to me feel like intrusions.

EPHESUS, TURKEY – 18 October

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