On a ledge

Usually love thunder and lightning.

But I am perched on a ledge of a cliff as steep as north shore Moloka`i

It’s 10:30
Sleep is impossible in this war zone of the gods.

Lightning grabs my head and forces me to look outside
At the offshore volcano
Whose eruptions are described as cataclysmic,
That last erupted in 1950.

Rain pours
Down the steps toward my clay abode
Room #113
Two throw rugs block the crack between door and floor
Already wet.

The lights have already flickered a few times.
I have a large candle
But no match.
I could use a smoke about now.

My things are in the center of the room now
My shutters are closed.
My valuables are gathered
Should I need to run.

Who needs two adrenal glands?

Close the bowling alley already.
Divert my attention
A poem, a game.
What are you wearing?


EPILOG:  Wrote this earlier tonight during an episode of nerves.  Still raining, but it no longer feels like the side of the cliff is going to slide down…or blow up!


Kim Ku’ulei Birnie     (c) naleialoha.net

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