Greek holiday is a Greek holiday, Ochi Day, or Oxi Day, something to do with marking a day when Greek forces staved off the Fascists at the onset of World War II, choosing, instead, to side with the Allies. In Athens, businesses are closed and young families are out in force waving blue and white flags. Syntagma Square is a hub of kiosks, flags, vendors, clowns and loud modern music. A festival!

First came to my attention with cannonfire during breakfast.  A 21-gun salute.  Not three volleys of 7 rifles, but 21 separate cannon volleys spaced a minute apart from high atop one of the hills within Athens metropolis.  And then loud music and a military parade that lasted all morning.  A celebration for all.

Did I mention Beyonce is playing Athens on 8 November? And then in Egypt on the 6 November. Very modern, over here.

Off to catch my Metro to Athens airport.

Kalispera to all!

Kim Ku’ulei Birnie (c)