About Us

Kū mākou e hele nei me ku‘u mau pōki‘i aloha,
Ka ‘āina a mākou e ‘ike ‘ole ai ma lalo aku nei,
‘A‘e mākou me ku‘u pōki‘i, kau i ka wa‘a,
No‘iau ka hoe a Kamohoali‘i….
These are the first lines of a traditional chant for the epic journey that Pele and her clan embark upon to foreign lands.
The first line states, Here my beloved siblings and I stand in preparation for travel.
The second line states, To lands beyond unknown and unseen to us.
The third line states, We and my siblings embark aboard the canoe.
The fourth line states, The paddle of Kamohoali‘i is adept.

These lines were chosen to illustrate the traditional preparation, embarkment and experiences of a Hawaiian clan to lands beyond their own. Allegorically, this chant also illustrates the journey that three Hawaiian women have also begun. So, let us look at the lines of the chant as it applies to our new expedition.

Kū mākou e hele nei me ku‘u mau pōki‘i aloha,
Here I stand with my two admirable siblings. My siblings are Kim Ku‘ulei Birnie and Alohalani Brown. My name is Kalei Nu‘uhiwa. We have joined together for many reasons that I’m sure this blog will share. These two women and I are friends and sisters, passionate about our children, our māna wahine and our involvement with the revivication & continuum of things Hawaiian. We are preparing to go to Italy & Greece.

Ka ‘āina a mākou e ‘ike ‘ole ai ma lalo aku nei,
To lands that we have not yet experienced beyond our borders. Both Ku‘ulei & Alohalani have been to Italy. Ku‘ulei is a world traveler & Alohalani lived in Italy for many years. I’ve never been to Italy and collectively, we have not been to Greece. I go to seek the different waters of Kāne & fires of Pele within these countries. Water to flow… Fire to glow…

‘A‘e mākou me ku‘u pōki‘i, kau i ka wa‘a,
My siblings and I dare to launch upon this venture together aboard this canoe of self discovery and reconnection. Self discovery of our own personal journeys of the past, present and future and the reconnection to family, to history, to water & to fire.

No‘iau ka hoe a Kamohoali‘i
Kamohoali‘i’s ancestral knowledge of foreign lands will guide us throughout our trip in Europa. We will tap into our ancestral knowledge, our DNA, to find that which feeds our fire and that which ebbs and flows the tides of our waters..= The Ahi within us- that spark that may change one’s path or that spark that feeds our passion in what ever matters to us. The Wai within us- Wai as water, wai as the repository, wai as māna, wai as who our water source is or who our family is, wai as our kino wailua or spiritual essence. We go to see the canonization of Father Damien, with other Hawaiians as Ma‘i Ho‘oka‘awale or Ma‘i Ali‘i has affected every single Hawaiian in one shape or form. We go to acknowledge the sacrifices our Hawaiian families endured through this disease and the sacrifice Father Damien made to help those inflicted with the disease. We also go to honor our family members who were torn from their existence and left at Kalawao. We go to reconnect with family members.

Hawaiians have been to Europe before and we will post stories from the Hawaiian language newspapers that prove this.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to come with us on our adventure called: Nāleialoha i Italia.  Ku‘ulei & Kalei are Nālei and aloha is Alohalani. We are Nāleialoha…..

‘A‘e ‘a‘e kau i ka nalu, Embarking upon the waves,
He nalu haki kākala, These are breaking waves,
He nalu e ‘imi ana i ka ‘āina e hiki aku ai…. These are waves seeking land to arrive upon.